A Fun Trip Where I Will Learn El Español

Yesterday, I moved out of New York City, just short a few months shy of a five-year stint. Despite those 5 years, the 10′ U-Haul truck I rented was more than enough to handle my supplies (notable inventory: a queen bed, chest of drawers, a desk, and a bookshelf). I’ve never really considered myself a big “stuff buyer,” and cramped NYC living did very little to reverse this natural tendency of mine. The moving job was finished in less than three hours, with the help of my younger (but not littler) brother Wes and my new-ish roommate Yohan (who was already showing great potential to fill the great void of “surrogate little brother” that Colby Pines had left in my life just a few months prior).

After a relatively quick journey of 8 hours, I find myself back in my hometown of Richmond, VA, gearing up for my next adventure — 4-6 weeks of studying Spanish in Guatemala (literally: studyspanishinguatemala.com) followed by some traveling around that area of the world. My initial stop is Antigua (~3 days), then San Pedro La Laguna (https://goo.gl/maps/dM2V1kKdUPB2) for classes, then, well, you’ll have to stick around to find out!  Once back from this adventure, some uncertainty looms, but, several months removed from this uncertainty, I’m mostly excited to be embarking on a Fun Trip Where I Will Learn El Español.

As I go on this fun adventure, I will be firing up the ole’ blog for a few reasons:

  • To let people I know and love that “Yes, I am still alive” and “No, I have yet to buy a Guatemalan homestay to support my new Mayan wife and her three children from a previous marriage”
    • “…Or have I?”
  • To document my experiences so I can better remember who/what/when/where of my travels
    • This will be not just for my own reminiscing but, more practically, so I can give others headed to these spots specific references/contacts and a general sense of “the vibes”
  • Because it is fun talking to yourself on the Internet

I plan on keeping posts relatively short just so I can keep it up and so y’all don’t get bored. Hope y’all enjoy!

Picture: My phone informing me that I am quitting my job in NYC


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